Changing Game Rules

Comfortable living is one of the most important necessities in live. The constantly raising material prices, delivery problems of construction materials and harder to find building professionals threatens to turn house ownership from a basic right into a luxury. With the dramatically increase of energy costs effects especially the owners of traditionally build houses the cost of ownership increases even more! It is time we break this chain and start to do things different!

Challenging Tradition

We believe that the current energy performance standard in the building code and the construction technology are in complete miss match. Hard to understand and justify why proven pollutive and very bad performing materials on insulation still form the base of most of the housing projects. The energy consumption is unnecessary high and with the current development in the energy prices puts many families in trouble.

Not only the energy consumption to manufacture the building materials, bricks, concrete panels, rooftiles, drywall etc. is excessive, because of the weight, also the building-process needs heavy machinery and transportation. Not to mention the fact that traditional construction is labor intensive (up-to 70% more compared to modular building) and the up-to 3 times longer building time to complete the house.

Action must be taken now!

The NedPanel team is proud to introduce the most advanced Building system to simplify the construction- and reduce the building costs of modular Energy-Plus and Passive houses.

It is our purpose to make energy-free housing the new standard and accessible for everyone!

The NedPanel building system is entirely developed, engineered, and manufactured in the Netherlands. The NedPanel system is the most innovative and sustainable building system on the market. Specially dedicated to the construction of extreme energy efficient modular homes affordable and suitable for any climate.