Easy to build

By using standard elements and the integration of technical systems in the panels, building the NedPanel way is made simple and fast. This not only shortens the construction time enormously, but also far fewer professionals are needed for the installation. Not only are they expensive, also they are becoming increasingly difficult to find. The NedPanel building system makes building easier, cleaner and above all faster.

Modular construction methods

The NedPanel Building system offers unequaled flexibility for your modular building project. Basically, there are 4 modular ways to realize your project

Panel by panel

This method is a perfect fit for smaller home builders who are used to work with a small crew of 3-4 constructors and want to assemble the house on location panel by panel. This is also the best option if the building site is very difficult to reach and no large trucks have access to the construction site.

Wall, floor and roof elements

If the constructor has the facility to preassemble larger building elements like (partial) walls, floors and roofs they can be assembled at the building site using an electric crane. This can save considerable building time in site and can speed-up the construction of the casco’s. The walls can have preinstalled windows and other finishings to reduce the building time even more.

Partial units

To reduce the building time even more, and if the access to the building site permits the transport of large units, this is a very interesting way of connecting the modular houses. In fact, we breakdown the modular house in several modules. As in the sketch below you see our DOU house model split in 3 modules. The Livingroom module, technical module, with bathroom kitchen and service toilet ready installed, and the bedroom module.

Assembled with modules

In some projects it can be very efficient to assemble houses from individual units. In our Sistema II housing system upto 4 levels housing units can be created from one type of 4,8m wide housing unit. The length of the units is variable so than studio’s and family houses on 2,3 or 4 levels can be created. Also they can be combined in the same level. Therefore, many living variants can be created with only one Modular unit.

Factory Built houses

The NedPanel elements have significant advantage compared to wood-stick construction. Where in a wood construction factory all the walls, floors and roofs have to assembled from small components. Wood that has to be sawn to dimension transported to the assembly line where all the wood components have to be nailed, screwed or glued to a single structure. This with the use of large machinery. This is not only a capital-intensive venture, also logistically very complex.

The NedPanel system simplifies this complex production system to the max. You are op and running a house factory with a fraction of the investment in expensive production machines. Upto 70% less capital is blocked in production equipment for at least the same number of houses you can built. Because the NedPanels are ready to use and have all systems included you also need less specialized operators to work on the complex machines.

The layout below shows the Layout of the NedPanel/BetaalbaarWonen carousel production facility in Lemmer. The factory has a surface of 1000m2 operated by 6 workers and with a capacity of 50-60 house units per year, per shift. All stations are optimized for the specific building stage with all the tools and equipment and materials for the specific job on location. In 7 stations and 6 different building stages the houses will be highly efficient completed. And delivered turn key or as a water/wind tight casco.

If you are interested to build the NedPanel way and start your own house factory without the massive investment in machinery normally needed to build traditionally, just send us an email and we will be happy to explain the possibilities.

Carbon footprint

Modular construction is the answer from NedPanel to build future proof residences. Fast, simple and with a low impact on the environment. The NedPanel system shortens the construction time of the Casco by 40-70% compared to traditional building methods. This saves assembly time on the construction site and of course also considerable costs reductions are achieved. At the construction site itself, our carbon footprint is considerably lower, because we work with fewer materials, less heavy materials therefore we use less heavy lifting equipment and reduce the number of heavy trucks on the building site by up-to 80%.


3-4 wall sections in one truck


Complete 120m2 bungalow in one truck

Airtight construction

Because the expanding foam glues the components inside the panels (Mgo Skin plates and constructive frame) all together, there is no thermal leakage and therefore an even and high insulation value combined with superior stiffness tot the panel. The rigidity of the panel is significantly increased and is significantly stronger to compared to wood-stick construction. The stiffness and the solidity added because of the NedPanel construction method, contributes to the feeling of safety and comfort in a modular-built home with the NedPanel system.

Lightweight construction

Due to the relatively low weight of the NedPanel building elements compared to traditional concrete or stone construction, a much lighter foundation can be used. Depending on the housing type or soil composition at the location, we are suggesting 4 foundation systems for the NedPanel homes

Isolated concrete slab

Galvanized ground screws with modular metal frame

Floating foundation

Roof-Top Construction

Emission-free construction

Another additional advantage of the low weight in combination with the relatively small dimensions of the building elements is that we can build the houses completely with all electrical tools and equipment. It is even possible to build completely “off the grid” with a mobile battery.

Ground screw

Casco in construction NedPanel system